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Litigation support, especially, during the discovery phase of any case is CRITICAL. We offer Discovery Service Support that is timely, transparent, and complete. Each request is approached as a TOP PRIORITY thus you are kept informed throughout the entire process with daily updates either by email or secured website access.

The Discovery Service process is simple in which you contact Rio Records Services to with what you need and who you need it from. We will handle the request from beginning to end. You or a representative of your organization is kept informed of the request status with daily updates by email or secured website access.

The Discovery Service encompasses:

     Our most practical and effective approach to processing your request lets us create a service that is easy to deliver, manage and secure data faster, with minimal hassles which is always more cost efficient. Offering a such complete turnkey operating process all you have to do is provide Rio Records Service with the who, what, where, when, and how and we will take care of the rest.

     A comprehensive data collection and assembly process suited to your exact specifications. Whether it be piecemeal delivery or the entire collection at one time your request is handled from beginning to end with one thing in mind, you are trusting Rio Records Service to get the job done and done right. Rio Records Service will do just that with all requests, all the time!
For more information and to schedule your job request please contact us

by telephone (956) 687-8439 or fill out our contact us form below:

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