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Document Scanning and Archiving Services:
The DSAS is a simple process in which either through approved pickup and delivery a representative of Rio Records Service, Inc. will go to your place of business and pick up the documents to be scanned or you can deliver them to our convenient McAllen, Texas location. The documents are then scanned and converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Then, prior to return, the files are stored on CD or DVD. The returned documents are then ready to be accessed by any PC, MAC, Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

Why is DSAS important to you and your business?
Save Office Space
     o Have A Filing Cabinet's worth of paper documents on ONE CD
     o File away permanent paper once a for all

Go Paperless in 2012
     o Be among the most cutting edge organizations that have moved their entire business to a computer
     o Save the Environment by minimizing the amount of paper you us on an annual basis (print only what you need)

Disaster Recovery
     o Misfiled and Lost Documents
     o Inadvertently Destroyed and Deleted Files
     o Building Fires
     o Water Damage
     o Employee Intentional Destruction
     o Industrial Espionage

Continuity of Operations
     o Ensures that ALL your important forms (blanks) and current customer files are ready to go when you are
     o Open your office and customer files from almost anyplace on the planet.

Saves Time and Money
     o Your information is just a few mouse clicks away
     o Access to all important documents and files are always ready
     o No need to hunt for paper files located in storage or warehouse when everything is on your PC or NETWORK FILE SERVER.

Attention Private Medical Practices and Medical Clinics: In most cases, Rio Records Service can help you with your transition from legacy documents to an Electronic Medical Record system by converting your paper medical records to PDF format that can be easily incorporated into the EMR applicaion.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information and to schedule your job request.
[email protected]