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CD/DVD Duplication or Replication Services:
Providing CD and DVD duplication, replication, transfer, and conversion services. The duplication, replication, transfer, and conversion services applies to AUDIO, VIDEO, and DATA content.

Rio Records Service, Inc., offers CD/DVD Duplication, Replication, Transfer, and Conversions service in the Rio Grande Valley, South and Central Texas.

Our process is Fast, Reliable, Affordable, Secure, and Professional. Additionally, we offer custom made disc labelling (either in-house or outsourced) depending on the customer's requested style.

We offer DVD Duplication (with or without packaging), CD Duplication (with or without packaging), VHS to DVD Conversion, Cassette Audio to CD Conversion, Microcassette Audio to CD Conversion. No minimum order on copies. Discount pricing is available for bulk copy orders.

The project turnaround time will vary by order type and quantity.

RUSH Processing is available for a nomninal fee.
We invite you to visit our McAllenDisc.com website for more detailed information
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