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Rio Records Service, Inc., with over 16-years in business providing unique services and support to the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and San Antonio, Texas.

The Rio Records Service, Inc. line of products and services includes (click on the links for more information):
Notary Public Services:
Document Scanning and Archiving Services:
CD/DVD Duplication or Replication Services:
The DSAS is a simple process in which either through approved pickup and delivery a representative of Rio Records Service, Inc. will go to your place of business and pick up the documents to be scanned or you can deliver them to our convenient McAllen, Texas location. The documents are then scanned and converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Then, prior to return, the files are stored on CD or DVD. The returned documents are then ready to be accessed by any PC, MAC, Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.
Release of Information Service:
Rio Records Service, Inc., provides professional ROI services to Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Private Practices. Rio Records Service (RRS) provides frontline customer- facing services by processing proper & correct requests for Release of Health Information to authorized Patients or their Legal Representative in a timely and efficient manner.
Offering full Notary Services to not only our clients but to the General Public, Rio Records Service, Inc. has Notary Agents under contract to provide Notary Services across the Rio Grande Valley area of Deep South Texas. Each Rio Records Service, Inc., Notary Agent is PROFESSIONAL, INSURED, and BONDED.
Providing CD and DVD duplication, replication, transfer, and conversion services. The duplication, replication, transfer, and conversion services applies to AUDIO, VIDEO, and DATA content.
Discovery Service:
Litigation support especially during the discovery phase of any case is critical. We offer discovery service support that is timely, transparent, and complete. Each request is approached as a TOP PRIORITY thus you are kept informed throughout the entire process with daily updates either by email or secured website access.