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Release of Information Service:
As a Release of Information Service provider, Rio Records Service, Inc., provides its professional ROI services to Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Private Practices. Rio Records Service, Inc. (RRS) provides frontline customer- facing services by processing accurate requests for Release of Protected Health Information to authorized Patients or their Legal Representative in a timely and efficient manner.

Each RRS Associate is trained to provide fast and courteous service, as well as, to do so in a manner that maintains the highest levels of Professionalism, Decorum, Information Security and complete HIPAA Compliance.

Each RRS Release of Information Support Specialist undergoes annual training and semi-annual refresher training to ensure that standards withing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Information Security and Privacy Standards are maintained and assured at all times.

Rio Records Service, Inc. stands ready to provide your organization the best in leading release of information practices and procedures.

Having over a 16-year proven track record, Rio Records Service, Inc. will work along side your organization and your staff to provide and maintain a consistent and constantly flowing process.

We invite you to view our latest video on the Maximum Allowable Fee Schedule for Health Care Information for 2012-2013.
Please be sure to come back as more videos are scheduled to be online in the coming weeks.