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Business Etiquette and Personal Skills
When it comes to making a first impression you, your staff, and your entire organization have only ONE OPPORTUNITY. Are you doing the everything you can to make the first impression the BEST FIRST IMPRESSION?

The Business Etiquette and Personal Skills 5-hour Session is designed to create change in the style and substance of you and your staff's appearance, confidence, and commitment to professionalism to make that first impression a SUCCESSFUL FIRST IMPRESSION every time!

Rio Records Service, Inc., is ready to provide a valuable learning experience featuring useful interactive exercises. Practical ideas and strategies will be provided to enable your organization's managers to be more polished, to build long-lasting client relationships, and to move with ease and confidence on any level in the business arena.
The Business Etiquette and Personal Skills Session is presented in three sections:
Section A (90 Minutes) First & Lasting Impressions
Introducing Yourself and Others • Handshaking • Eye Contact • Starting and Ending a Conversation • Effective Networking • Business Card Protocol • How To Remember Names • Cell Phone & E-mail Etiquette • Interactive Exercises
Section B: (1 hour) Suiting Up for Success
Defining Clothing Categories • What is “Global” Dressing • What Is Business Casual and What is NOT Business Casual • Essential Elements of a Wardrobe • Make or Break Your Image • Travel Necessities (Air and Ground Transportation).
-- Travel To Restaurant: 30 Minutes --

Section C: (2 Hours) The Business Meal (Dining at Local Restaurant)
Host & Guest Duties • Seating Etiquette • Napkin and Silverware Etiquette • Dining Do's and Don’ts • American and Continental Styles of Eating • Toasting Etiquette
This investment includes
 • 5 hour seminar • All Handout Materials (bound) • pre-seminar planning • seminar customization • pre-seminar phone conversations • Each attendee gets FREE 30 minutes on-call telephone consultation for use within 90 days of session completion (additional minutes can be purchased for a nominal fee)

IF APPLICABLE: Cost EXCLUDES hotel accommodations for two nights, roundtrip coach airfare, meals, ground transportation, and shipping charges. Only applicable if training site is over 110 miles from McAllen, Texas.

Client agrees to pay for ALL DINING FEES incurred by the client as noted in Section C above.
Send us an email at ADMIN@RRSONLINE.US or call us at 956-687-8439 for more information.
Your Investment: $30 per individual (no minimum group size) + Cost of the Meal (Section C of this Training session)