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Business Etiquette in a Professional Setting
Send us an email at [email protected] or CALL 956-687-8439 for more information
The Business Etiquette in a Professional Setting session is presented in five sections:
Section A: Establishing the Corporate Culture (30 minutes)
The Expectations vs. The Realizations A Team Effort Top Down - Bottom Up - Across All Levels

Section B: Client/Customer Encounters (45 minutes)
The Customer's Point of View Bad Manners Defined Dealing with Difficult Clients Dealing with a Vendor/Supplier/Contractor

Section C: The Essentials (90 minutes )
Meeting and Greeting of Customers Forms of Address Engaging during a meeting (face to face, videoconference, and telephone) Communication Skills Conversation Skills Telephone Etiquette Business Cards

Section D: Ethics of Business Relationship Confidentiality (1 hour)
Expectation of Confidentiality and Privacy The Delivery of that Expectation Ensuring You Protect Your Stakeholders

Section E: Professional Dress (45 minutes)
Business Casual vs. Business Professional Identification Cards Haircuts / Shaving Jewelry and Tattoos (Body Art) plus a lot more
Your Investment: $30 per individual (no minimum group size)
This investment includes
  4 hour seminar All Handout Materials (bound) pre-seminar planning seminar customization pre-seminar phone conversations Each attendee gets FREE 30 minutes on-call telephone consultation for use within 90 days of session completion (additional minutes can be purchased for a nominal fee)

IF APPLICABLE: Cost EXCLUDES hotel accommodations for two nights, roundtrip coach airfare, meals, ground transportation, and shipping charges. Only applicable if training site is over 110 miles from McAllen, Texas.

IMPORTANT: The Client Organization agrees to provide nametags and beverages for on-site participants.
                        Off-site Attendees bring own nametags. Beverages will be provided for off-site participants.

Does your organization project a professional image? Customers and Clients want to know that you and your organization can deliver a quality product or service while maintaining true PROFESSIONALISM 100% of the time. All it takes is just one time to show that you don't care, you are not serious, that you are NOT a true Professional and that Customer may be gone forever. In an economy that calls for working hard to keep that customer coming back are you doing enough to ensure that happens? Our "Etiquette in a Professional Setting" Training 4 Hour Session is designed to help IMMEDIATELY with REAL and TANGIBLE results.