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Release of Information (for Medical/Dental/Human Services Practices)
Release of Information has become a critical function of any Medical, Dental and Human Services Practice that great care and security has to be maintained through every step of the process. Our four (4) hour training session will give you the CRITICAL information you need to know to ensure that the initial request is valid enough to begin the release process. The training also covers how to handle those "special" or "unique" requests that can be of a HIGHLY SENSITIVE nature. Handouts, real world examples, and role play exercises will increase your attention to detail and ensure that the information you and your practice accurately releases what was properly requested.
The Release of Medical Information (for Medical/Dental Practices) Session is presented in five sections:
Section A: The Rules, The Laws, The Information
                 HIPAA HiTECH Texas HB300 other Policies, Rules and Regulations

Section B: Types of Requestors
                 Identify the Numerous Types Deal with their Unique Needs
                 Subpoenas & Court Orders (determining whether they are valid or not)

Section C: Social Engineering
                 What is Social Engineering How to deal with it Think OPSEC
                  Identify Threats How to to deal with those threats

Section D: Ethics and the Release of Medical Information (60 minutes)
                  Ethics Defined Supporting Good Healthcare Clear and Fair Processes

Section E: Processes and Procedures to Effective Release
                  Internal and External Communication Policy Creation and Implementation
                  Contingency Planning Emergencies
Your Investment: $30 per individual (no minimum group size)
This investment includes
  4 hour seminar All Handout Materials (bound) pre-seminar planning customization phone conversations Each attendee gets FREE 30 minutes on-call telephone consultation for use within 90 days of session completion (additional minutes can be purchased for a nominal fee) 3.5 CEU hours for Texas LPCs and Texas Social Workers
IF APPLICABLE: Cost EXCLUDES hotel accommodations for two nights, roundtrip coach airfare, meals, ground transportation, and shipping charges. Only applicable if training site is over 110 miles from McAllen, Texas.

IMPORTANT: The Client Organization agrees to provide nametags and beverages for on-site participants.
                        Off-site Attendees bring own nametags. Beverages will be provided for off-site participants.
Send us an email at ADMIN@RRSONLINE.US or call us at 956-687-8439 for more information.
                             (as approved by Texas State Board of Professional Counselors / effective November 2012)
                           STATE OF TEXAS SOCIAL WORKERS
                             (as approved by Texas State Board of Social Workers Examiners / effective November 2012)