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Social Media in Healthcare (the do's and don'ts)
Websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Podcasting, Pinterest, Foursquare, and countless websites, apps, and programs are in use today than ever before. Just about everyone on the planet has access to the Internet either by Smartphone, iPad, Desktop PC, Laptop, or Android Tablet. So why shouldn't you and your practice? However, while the shiny object syndrome may be a driving force for your practice to dive head first into the world of Social Media it should not also be what brings your organization down because of a Privacy Violation. This three (3) hour training session will give you the CRITICAL information you need to ensure that you are using Social Media to its fullest and to your advantage.
Send us an email at ADMIN@RRSONLINE.US or call us at 956-687-8439 for more information
This investment includes
  4 hour seminar All Handout Materials (bound) pre-seminar planning seminar customization seminar prep phone conversations Each attendee gets FREE 30 minutes on-call telephone consultation for use within 90 days of session completion (additional minutes can be purchased for a nominal fee)

IF APPLICABLE: Cost EXCLUDES hotel accommodations for two nights, roundtrip coach airfare, meals, ground transportation, and shipping charges. Only applicable if training site is over 110 miles from McAllen, Texas.

IMPORTANT: The client agrees to provide nametags and beverages for participants.

Your Investment: $30 per individual (no minimum group size)
The Social Media in Healthcare Session is presented in three sections:
Section A: Social Media Primer (45 minutes)
                 What is Social Media What Social Media is not What are the tools What are the Realities versus
                 the Expectations

Section B: The Do's and Don't (60 minutes)
                 In-House vs. Out-Sourcing Who should use Social Media The Patient's Use of Social Media
                 Social Media Interactions

Section C: The Essentials (60 minutes )
                 Introducing Yourself on Social Media Keeping things on the surface Social Media Communication
                 Skills Types of Communications to Avoid plus a lot more