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Professional Etiquette in Healthcare (Texas LPCs & Social Workers CEU eligible)
It is said that under half of ALL malpractice lawsuits find their origin in the perception of bad behavior by physicians / dentists or their staff! It’s TRUE, Patients today are not as forgiving as they once were. Treating your Patients with RESPECT, FAIRNESS, and COURTESY can change all that. Our Professional Etiquette in Healthcare Training (4 hour) Session is designed
to help offset or remove those risks IMMEDIATELY.
Business Etiquette & Personal Skills
When it comes to making a first impression you, your staff, and your entire organization have
only ONE opportunity. Are you doing everything you can to make the first impression the
 BEST FIRST IMPRESSION? The Business Etiquette and Personal Skills 5-hour session is
 designed to create change in the style and substance of you and your staff to make that first
 impression a SUCCESSFUL FIRST IMPRESSION every time!
Etiquette in a Professional Setting
Does your organization project a professional image? Customers and Clients want to know that you and your organization can deliver a quality product or service while maintaining true PROFESSIONALISM 100% of the time. All it takes is just one time to show that you don't care, you are not serious, that you are NOT a true Professional and that Customer may be gone forever. In an economy that calls for working hard to keep that customer coming back are you doing enough to ensure that happens? Our "Etiquette in a Professional Setting" Training (4 hour) Session is designed to help IMMEDIATELY with REAL and TANGIBLE results and resolutions.
Release of Medical Information (Texas LPCs & Social Workers CEU eligible)
Social Media in Healthcare (the do's and don'ts)
Social Media in a Professional Setting (the do's and don'ts)
Release of Medical Information has become a critical function of any Medical and Dental Practice that great care and security has to be maintained through every step of the process. Our four (4) hour training session will give you the CRITICAL information you need to know to ensure that the initial request is valid enough to begin the release process. The training also covers how to handle those "special" or "unique" requests that can be of a HIGHLY SENSITIVE nature. Handouts, real world examples, and role play exercises will increase your attention to detail and ensure that the information you and your practice accurately releases what was properly requested.
Webpages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Podcasting, Pinterest, Foursquare, and countless websites, apps, and programs are in use today than ever before. Just about everyone on the planet has access to the Internet either by Smartphone, iPad, Desktop PC, Laptop, or Android Tablet. So why shouldn't you and your practice? However, while the shiny object syndrome may be a driving force for your practice to dive head first into the world of Social Media it should not also be what brings your organization down because of a Privacy Violation. This three(3) hour training session will give you the CRITICAL information you need to ensure that you are using Social Media to its fullest and to your advantage.
Communicating with your clients, contractors, vendors, investors, stockholders, and stakeholders has never been easier than it is now. Social Media is the preferred medium to convey any organization's message to all internal and external stakeholders. Using tools such as your company's website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Podcast, Pinterest, Foursquare, and countless apps and programs will drive your organization's conversation further and deeper than ever before. The efficient and effective use of those tools is critical to ensure that your message comes across the screen LOUD and CLEAR. This three (3) hour session is designed to get you and your company moving the conversation away from a monologue to a sustained dialogue.
Join us at least twice a month for a 30 to 40 minute conversation on Spreecast.com as we talk about items of current interest or specific items from our service offerings. In the past we have talked about Release of Information and in the coming episode we will talk about why Employers need to conduct Employee background checks, why everyone needs to have and execute their data backup plan. Plus a lot more....

Visit our Spreecast page to find out when the next FREE online & interactive session will be.
Internal Training & Events
All Rio Records Service, Inc. employees are notified directly of when their next training session will be held and where.
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There is absolutley no excuse when you and your client's data is breached, accessed or abused when it could have been so easily prevented. You are the first and only line of defense when it comes to protecting the information that has been entrusted do you as part of your day-to-day operations. You can be held liable for what others do in the event of a data breach. Sometimes that liability can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This workshop can help you begin the process of getting everything in order which will help you save time, money, and heartache.
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